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Order article out of detail figure?
New: You have the possibilty to choose the article out of the detail figures of the article groups! If existend, the respective group figure is placed on top of the lists of the catalogue groups. By click on this figure it can be extended or reduced. By moving the mouse over the figure number in the extended figure, the respective article will be shown at this place in a small frame. Now you can put the article directly in the shopping basket, the same way as if you had choosen it out of the list. This helps you in case you do not know the name of the article, but where it belongs at your motorbike. We think that's great! This feature exists for many catalagues already, but not yet for all. We will complete this offer soon. Please note that some groups are separated over several pages (according to the original catalogue), therefore only these figure numbers are activated that can be found in the respective group page. Just try and find out.

How to order articles:
Everywhere you see these symbols [ and resp. ] , you can put the article offered in this line into your shopping basket. For this, note the quantity you want to order in the entering field (on the left near the symbol) and click on the symbol with the mouse. This way the article is being placed into the shopping basket in the desired quantity. You can check your shopping basket at any time by clicking on the switch [ shopping basket ] or in the main menue the switch [ show shopping basket ]. There you can change quantities or delete articles.

What do the symbols mean?
Several symbols are used on our pages which shall support you in ordering or inform you about important details. The symbols have the following meanings:

This is an important general advice to the prices mentioned! Please read the important information which can be found by switch [ dispatch und GToB ]! Comment: For delivery in foreign countries (no EU countries) net prices are valid.

This price is valid! You can rely on the prices mentioned!

For certain reasons the price cannot be given here (for example because the article only exists as a variant). Nevertheless, you can put the article in the shopping basket! In case such articles are part of your order, one of our employees will inform you about the price via telephone or telefax and you can decide then if you want to order it.

By click on this symbol a form is shown with which you can send us a correction proposal for the article name in the respective line. We hope fervently that you will support us in optimizing our English homepage. Therefore, everyone participating will take part in the raffle at year end!

What do the abbreviations mean?
In the spare part lists several abbreviations are shown in angular brackets in the column for the article names (for example [O.N.] ). These abbreviations have the following meanings:

abbreviation meaning
[O.N.] Original new
[O.G.] Original used
[N.F.N.] Copy new
[Ü.B.] Reconditioned
[I.T.] In exchange (used article has to be exchangeable, otherwise additional charge)